6 Awesome Tips To Grow Beard Fast 

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keep your skin clean


Keep your facial skin clean by washing it with warm water and a mild cleanser. The Warm water will open your pores and the cleanser will get rid of  all the oil and dirt accumulated on the skin

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Exfoliate your skin


You should exfoliate yoir skin once a week, using a scrub, or an exfoliant. This will help to remove all the dead skin cells and will stimulate new hair growth

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Manage Stress


You need to manage stress and rest well so that your damaged skin cells repair themselves. This will promote beard growth. Beard will grow more quicker when you are relaxed

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Including biotin daily is known to increase the growth of hair and nails, Also, incorporate vitamin B, B1, B6 and B12 in your diet. Increase the amount of protin in your diet among with fresh fruits and vegetables

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Do nat trim


Do not trim your beard. If you you want it to grow long, defy or shape your beaard. Groom the beard after about 4 to 6 weeks when it is full

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Moisturize your skin


Using moistuizer with eucalyptus can prove to be useful as eucalyptus promotes facial hair growth

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